Private Memberships

Private Memberships: Price below are for a 1 person private for 1 hour at the yoga shala (yoga studio) unless otherwise specified.

Single Private: $125.00 Pay Online (you may also pay at the shala, cash, visa or master card)
4 Privates: $400.00 ($100 per) Pay Online (Cash at the Studio is always best)
8 Privates: $720.00 ($90 per) Pay Online
12 Privates: $960.00 ($80 per) Pay Online

Privates with Dennis

One-on-one training with Dennis Dean offers those willing to expand their yoga practice the knowledge and skills of a highly-trained, seasoned professional. These 60 minute sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each student with an understanding of one’s body ranging from its physical capacity to its limitations. Dennis Dean’s years of wisdom and experience will provide you the tools and techniques necessary to deepen your practice while supporting you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Transform your life with the teachings of Dennis Dean.

Join Dennis Dean at the Yoga Mandiram and learn how to:

  • Practice without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed.
  • Understand the importance of proper breath-work.
  • Learn the nuances of each level before advancing to the next.
  • Release fear and build trust for a successful practice.
  • Work around and with all health concerns, injuries and physical limitations.
  • Increase your flexibility, balance and strength.
  • Improve your ability to focus.
  • Enhance strength associated with sports specificity.
  • Target and strengthen problem areas including tight hips, hamstrings and weak knees.
  • Perform postures with a deeper understanding of the genesis and purpose of each pose.
  • Integrate yoga and meditation to every weight loss and strength-training program.
  • Build trust and vitality within your practice.
  • Gain insight, awareness and understanding of your practice.
  • Discover the unique spirit and energy of yoga.

Semi-private sessions are also available.
Double Private (2 people): $180.00 Pay Online
4 Double Privates: $600.00 Pay Online
8 Double Privates: $1080.00 Pay Online
12 Double Privates: $1440.00 Pay Online

One Private (3 people): $225.00 Pay Online
One Private (4 people): $240.00 Pay Online
One Private (5 people): $250.00 Pay Online

Larger Group Privates are available. Please call for pricing.

Sign up for a free assessment by contacting Dennis via the phone (619-917-9642), or set up an appointment to come into the Shala (yoga studio) and talk with Dennis directly.